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School Establishment

Name of the School/Institute : Phobjikha Central School

Year of Establishment: 1979

Total Land area: 27.15 acres

Classes/ Courses Offered: PP-X

Brief Background of the Institute

Located on the outskirt of the valley the school initially started near the historic Gangtey Goenpa. Few years later the school was relocated on the wide plain area popularly known as Tabeding to provide education to the students of Gangtey, Phobji, Bjena and Athang Gewog who lived as semi nomadic herders and migrated to warmer places of Wangduephodrang during winter and existed as Primary till 2010. With the recognition of Black-necked crane as endangered species, there was tremendous pressure from RSPN for relocation of the school as it fell within the roosting area of the black necked crane. The grant from JICA came as a boon and the construction was completed by 2010 and the school relocated as middle secondary school with complete new infrastructures. The school became a central school from 2016 academic session onwards.    

Present Statistics

Students         Teachers  Support Staff
 Boys : 290
 Girls : 312
 Male :     26
 Female : 06
 Male :     10
 Female : 11

Royal Visit

Has His Majesty the King visited your Institute within the last 5 years? If so, mention the dates i.e ..First visit…./ Second Visit …../ Third Visit…..( if No – kindly ignore this section)

During His Majesty's visit (last visit) what were some of the Royal Concerns, Directives or Command conveyed to the teachers, students or to the school in general?

 How has His Majesty's visit to the school, audience to the students, and audience to the teachers made a difference - were they any new initiatives taken by the school as a result of the Royal Visit? If so please indicate what initiatives and why did the school receive any solera from His Majesty like school picnic, holiday or Tokha for students or teachers.

Kidu Students:

Are there any of His Majesty’s Kidu students/ Gyalpoi Tozay in your institute. If yes, please provide the followings:

1.      Total Kidu/ Gyalpoi Tozays students:

2.      Male :    5 

3.      Female: 2

4.      If you have any kidu students or Gyalpoi Tozay students – provide a Separate name list of the students giving the following details – class/courses taken/ Village and Dzongkhag/ and the year they were Gyalpoi Tozay. 

Sl no.





Year they were Gyalpoi tozay


Passang Dorji






Dorji Letho






Geeta Maya Fewali






Dorji Dem






Phub Gyeltshen






Thinley Gyeltshen


Wangdi Goenpa




Lham Dorji





Infrastructure and Facilities 

(please mention the existing infrastructure and facilities institute provides)

1.      One Administrative Block : Principal office, Vice principal’s office, staffroom, library, store and staff toilet

2.      One Block lab:

a.       Biology Lab

b.      Chemistry Lab

c.       Physics Lab

d.      Computer Lab

3.      Three classroom blocks (total 20 units)

4.      One MP Hall

5.      One store and kitchen

6.      One Principal quarter

7.      One staff quarter (4 units)

8.      Two 64 bedded hostel with attached toilets

9.      One each warden and matron quarter

10.  Two 120 bedded hostel construction going on

11.  Toilets:

a.       2 academic toilets (1for boys and 1for girls- 7 units each)

12.  One foot ball ground

13.  Two Basketball courts construction going on

14.  One Mani Dungkhor (Prayer wheel)

15.  Two acre of Agriculture Field

16.  One 33 seats school bus and one Mahindra Bolero Pick up 

Statistics of Students 2017

 Class      Male      Female  Total      Remarks
 PP  13  20            33  
 One  18  17   35   
 Two  19  14  33  
 Three  10  14  24  
 Four A  12   09  21  
 Four B  13   09  22   
 Five   22  15  37  
 Six A  14  11  25  
 Six B  13   12  25  
 Seven A  19  15  34  
 Seven B  20  15  35  
 Seven C  20  15  35  
 Eight A  18  14  32  
 Eight B     18  15  33  
 Nine A      22  17  39  
 Nine B  18  20  38  
 Nine C  13  27  40  
 Ten A  14  16  30  
 Ten B  16  15  31  

Teaching Staff Details

Sl.no Name Qualification Subject(s) taught Yrs. in Service Nationality
1 Dorji Wangchuk B Ed English 10 Bhutanese
2 Chador Gyeltshen B Ed Maths, Physics 4 Bhutanese
3 Chogyal Lhamo B Ed English, History 3 Bhutanese
4 Cheozang Dema PGDE History 0 Bhutanese
5 Dawa Tshering Sherpa B Ed, MCA Maths, IT/Phy 16 Bhutanese
6 Dema PGDE English 5 Bhutanese
7 Dorji B Ed Maths 7 Bhutanese
8 Jampel Dorji B Ed English, History 10 Bhutanese
9 Kalish Rai PGCE, M Sc Chemistry, IT 18 Bhutanese
10 Karma ZLT, Bed Dzongkha 21 Bhutanese
11 Karma Yoenten PGDE Counsillor 2 Bhutanese
12 Khandu Wangchuk  PGDE IT 4 Bhutanese
13 Krishna Bdr. Thingh B Ed Maths, Physics 4 Bhutanese
14 Kuenzang Chophel B Ed English, Maths 9 Bhutanese
15 Lham B Ed Dzongkha 11 Bhutanese
16 Lhendup Zangmo B Ed Maths 9 Bhutanese
17 Nechen B Ed Dzongkha 8 Bhutanese
18 Nidup Dorji PGDE Economics 3 Bhutanese
19  Pemba Gyeltshen PTC General 14 Bhutanese
20 Rinchen Tshewang B Ed, MA Geography  8 Bhutanese
21 Sangay Tenzin B Ed English 5 Bhutanese
22 Sherub Zangmo B Ed Biology 0 Bhutanese
23 Tashi Samdrup PGDE English 5 Bhutanese
24 Thinley ZLT, BEd Dzongkha 22 Bhutanese
25 Thinley Tobgay B Ed English, Geography 15 Bhutanese
26 Tshering Dorji B Ed Physics, Chemistry 9 Bhutanese
27 Tshering Penjor B Ed Chemistry 6 Bhutanese
28 Ugyen Chodrup PGDE Dzongkha 6 Bhutanese
29 Wangchuk ZLT, BEd Dzongkha 29 Bhutanese
30 Yeshi Gyeltshen  B Ed, MSc Maths  7 Bhutanese
31 Ms Yuri Yoshizumi  JICA Volunteer HPE 1 Japanese

Profile of the Head/Principal & Deputy/Vice Principal of the Institute/School

Passport size Photo 


Name : Leela Bdr. Thara

Designation: Principal 1

Grade: P1A (4)

Home Address: Dangrey Bu, Darla, Chukha

E-mail: ll_thapa@yahoo.co.in/ wd.phobjikhacs@education.gov.bt

Telephone: 17125612/ 16461204

Qualification Year Institution
Class XII 1998 Jigme Sherabling High School, Trashigang
B Ed 2001 National Institute of Education, Samtse
PG Diploma in English 2008 Sherubtse college, Trashigang
MEd in leadership and Management  2014 Paro college of education
 Professional Experience: (please begin with your present post and assignment)    
Professional Experience From - To Place of Assignment
Principal  2011 -till date Phobjikha Central School
Vice Principal 2008-2010 Rangjung LSS
Teacher 2006-2007 Rangjung LSS
Teacher 2005 Kanglung MSS
Teacher 2001-2004 Kanglung LSS