Infrastructure and Facilities

(please mention the existing infrastructure and facilities institute provides)

1. One Administrative Block : Principal office, Vice principal’s office, staffroom, library, store and staff toilet

2. One Block lab:

a. Biology Lab

b. Chemistry Lab

c. Physics Lab

d. Computer Lab

3. Three classroom blocks (total 20 units)

4. One MP Hall

5. One store and kitchen

6. One Principal quarter

7. One staff quarter (4 units)

8. Two 64 bedded hostel with attached toilets

9. One each warden and matron quarter

10. Two 120 bedded hostel construction going on

11. Toilets:

a. 2 academic toilets (1for boys and 1for girls- 7 units each)

12. One foot ball ground

13. Two Basketball courts construction going on

14. One Mani Dungkhor (Prayer wheel)

15. Two acre of Agriculture Field

16. One 33 seats school bus and one Mahindra Bolero Pick up

Statistics of Students 2017

Teaching Staff Details

Profile of the Head/Principal & Deputy/Vice Principal of the Institute/School

Passport size Photo


Name : Leela Bdr. Thara

Designation: Principal 1

Grade: P1A (4)

Home Address: Dangrey Bu, Darla, Chukha

E-mail: ll_thapa@yahoo.co.in/ wd.phobjikhacs@education.gov.bt

Telephone: 17125612/ 16461204