Academic/Curriculum Policy

The main objectives of the primary education system in Bhutan is to provide “basic literacy”.The basic Literary level in our context at present is understood as:-

To develop basic skills in reading and understanding both English and Dzongkha. Students upon completion of primary school (VI) should be in a position to read and understand such as Kuensel, notice and signs, posters of various natures, simple instructions, simple manuals and pamphlets in both the languages.

    • To develop basic skills in writing both English and Dzongkha. Students upon completing the primary schooling should be able to write letters, applications and reports in both languages.
    • To develop skills in speaking and listening in both the languages, the students upon completing the primary schooling system should be able to speak and understand both the languages fluently.
    • To develop basic ability in Arithmetic, the students out from the primary school should be able to carry out the four operations and can keep the day to day records.
    • To provide basic scientific knowledge, particularly the importance of Health and hygiene, science, technology, history and so on…
    • The above-mentioned knowledge and skills should provide a base to those students deciding to pursue higher studies as well as a package of knowledge and skills that would serve well and adequately in their adult lives if they decide to leave the school at this stage.

(4th QPGI April 1990 pg-no3-4)