Admission is one of the most complicated issues in the school. To ensure uniform system of enrolling children throughout the nation the Admission policy was developed and as per the sixteenth EPGI Nov. 96 pg-16 Annex.1), 8th QPGI March 92. and Pg- 32. Annex-1)

Admission committee:

  1. Principal/ Vice Principal or both
  2. A staff member preferably PP teacher
  3. Staff secretary
  4. SMB member (public representative)

1. Minimum age for admission to PP is 6 years old as of February 15th by international calculation in all Government as well as private schools.

2. In order to determine the age the most important documents like the birth certificates or ketsi and Health card is must.

3. The committee should also apply other possible measures to detect the correct age. In addition to the documents listed above, the following supporting documents are needed to determine fresh admission in PP class (point 4 and 5)

4. Official seal and signature from the Head of Department in case of government servants, geog office for villagers, chambers of commerce for business people certifying the residence/employment of the children parents/guardians

5. Citizenship ID card of both the parents

6. The maximum age for the new admission to PP is 12 years.

7. Special case considerations could be made to benefit the local community

    • If a child is physically fit, grown up and can talk without difficulties then even if he/she has not attained 6 years he/she could be admitted but should not be less than 5 years six months old as of 15th February and there is seat in the school.
    • The above forms and other documents should be properly scrutinized by the Admissions committee before necessary actions taken.
    • All formalities regarding new admissions should be completed and admission closed by the end of February.

8. Admission other than PP

    • Admission of students on transfer of their parents shall be accepted at any time of the year.
    • If the student wants to seek admission on medical ground, a letter of recommendation from the previous Principal mentioning the nature of problem and medical certificate should be produced
    • Students on transfer should produce transfer Certificate, examination result and character certificate while seeking admission in the school
    • Any dependent student should produce letter of undertaking provided by the school and signed by the guardian with legal stamp affixed