A Teachers Thought

Post date: Mar 18, 2014 5:07:44 AM

"To not become happy because of praise

To not become unhappy because of blame,

To support one's own good virtues",

This is the character of the supreme being" As rightly stated by the great master Nagarjuna, the essence of the stanza should be one of the core working principles of all the teachers in Bhutan.

A question- Why feel the need to focus on the principles and approach?

I personally feel that in the present world of fast change, WE THE TEACHERS need to have a very strong moral character for we are the refiners of the society and the prime role model of the future leaders.

Praise is all along there with our job responsibility, but why feel happy and proud as we all know that our core responsibility is to take up the lead role in grooming the future citizens living in the subject of criticism.More often then praise there is the blame, thousands of eyes watching and millions of fingers pointing at us with the cries of education quality, teacher conduct and more dishearteningly the question of the quality of the ourselves the teachers.

But rightly said by the great master, Why become unhappy and disheartened? We all know that we work in a field, a field filled with dedication,hard work,sincerity and of all a field that illuminates the world of unknown and those who point fingers at us are unaware of the work load and hardship we face.Therefore bother less of their views because what matters the most is the service of loyalty and dedication that we render to the Golden Throne,the fulfillment of the promises made to our people and more importantly teaching the art of living to those innocent souls who joined our institutions trusting our qualities and conducts.

So dear friends, don't let what the world tells and talks about us effect our working mentality, do our share of responsibility with utmost dedication and sincerity because at the end what matters is what our heart feels- the satisfaction we derive from our effort put into making a novice student write and learn the basic alphabets and seeing these students growing to become responsible citizens. So hats off and


Author (V.Principal) : Sangay Yeser