GREATEST Experience in My Life

Post date: Aug 15, 2014 4:48:25 AM

Everybody says that life is challenging with sadness and so on. I also believe on till now but after I trained on leadership I came to know that it is not true. Because it‘s only our mind makes it. Whether we take our life as good or bad way is in our hand. If we think our life is very complicated then definitely our life become complicated- if we ignore our past and just focus on our and future then it naturally our life become beautiful and bright.

Before I didn’t know the actual means of leadership. Even I was school captain but I could not be a real leader because of not understanding the leadership. Now I know “A leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way and show the way.”

I went for training; there were 102 students from five different Dzongkhag. We were all treated, taught and nourished equally especially through the activities. We were divided into troops, organizing a group programs, attending lectures on leadership, life skill, for peer helping and many more. Such activities gained immense knowledge and improved us as a leader and of course in an excellent manner physically, mentally, spiritually, socially and intellectually.

I became more confident, courageous and fearless. The way we were taught to command, lead our own troop, interact and socialize with people with whom we’re never known before. And made us confident to speak and command in the huge crowd.

I learnt about disaster, rappelling, firing, rafting, and exercises and made us courageous and fearless than ever, to face both physical and emotional challenges. During such activities, some of my friends said, “We have to listen to our heart and everything will go well.”I also learnt many new things such as independence cooking, cleaning etc… and help. We were also put through army training and experienced an army life. That made us disciplined, punctual and healthier.

Lastly, I would like to thank to our king, my scout master Thinley Tobgay, Coordinator Sir Pema Wangchuk, Matron, Captain Keunga Norbu, Lieutenant Rinzin Dorji along with our instructor Lopen Phurpa, Lopen Tshering Dorji and Lopen Wangchuk, cooks and each and everyone in the camp for teaching us the value or caring for other more than our family. This is my memorable experienced in my life which I never experienced before. My big hope is to share what I have learnt in training to my fellow scouts.

By Dechen Pelden

Class- 10