How Ghosts are mean to be?

Post date: Oct 21, 2017 4:48:44 AM


Once there lived two friends named Nado and Kado. Nado was travelling to a village nearby and Kado was coming back to the town where Nado lived. Nado was scared because it was getting dark; he stopped by the bank of river on a huge rock. Kado was coming by. When they saw each other, they both were bewildered and surprised to see each other. They both were relieved to see it was just a person. Both of them sat on the huge rock. Kado was carrying walnuts and he searched for some good stones to break it with. When Nado turned to him offering half piece of the apple he got shocked because he disappeared and was nowhere to see. He thought how a person could vanish in the thin air. Oh my God!, unless it was a…….a…..a Ghost! Run! And he ran away frightened too.

Kado found the perfect stone so when he was breaking it, he thought to offer it to Nado so when he came back but he too could see nobody! He also thought how a person could vanish without a trace. He thought it was a ghost and ran back as fast as he can to his village and shared the news that he saw a ghost. That’s how ghost are meant to be.

My ultimate moral and belief about the story is that ‘Ghost really does not exist’ but we create it with our own imaginations. Or, shall we put it in this way that – ghosts if they ever exist, then it’s original form is formlessness or invisible?

Sonam KS

Written by Sonam Kelnim Sherpa;7A