Post date: Jul 21, 2014 10:04:12 AM

The distinguished peoples have dissimilar potentials in having triumph over something worth. The prospect and the complications they look in makes the sense and what is more, taking pleasure in something. It is not necessarily the case that being optimist is better than just being unhopeful. Generally speaking, you should indeed learn to be hopeful and emphasize good part of a situation rather than the bad part.

It is certainly the case that optimists have the tendency to expect best upshots. They will recognize all the future conducts and keep their dignity and willpower as their objective at all times. The great achievers of the world are optimist, perhaps this is because they might have envisaged the future ventures; believe that they will undertake it. The real hero in this world may be them. They always strain to see good things forward, loved by all and respected by crowd.

How to be optimist? Trying to be optimist is not a formidable job. All you need to do is lead a simple and motivated life, more importantly you should work on it. But remember that you will need to find the difficulties in every opportunities rather than finding opportunity in every difficulty. If you take in the real value of optimism you will find an invincible summer in the midst of winter.

To conclude, pessimism is of intellect and optimism is of will. The one with only enthusiastic heart will be the prize winner. You will see everything beautiful, including what is ugly. That’s why the important practice of the life is that you should practice in reality which is none other than being optimist to remain your good deeds in this humanity.


-Tshewang Norbu

Class X