Students Academic Awards

In this section we will include the information about the awards by aggregating the academic performances of the students in the two terminal examinations as well as the national awards won by the toppers. However, we also have a Award Nite at the end of the academic session where we place a special occasion to give awards to all class and subject toppers. The following are some of the achievements of academic performances shown by the individual student in the past years.

A : HM's appreciation awards in Academic Results:

  • Academic performances in class Three
  • Academic performances in class Six
  • Academic performances in class Eight
  • Academic performances in class Ten

B : School's overall academic performances in Award Nite:

  • Class Toppers' award
  • Subjects Toppers' award

The toppers are awarded with certificates and admirable prizes to encourage them to achieve higher in future.

2013 Academic Toppers
  • Subject Toppers' award