annual school picnic

Students normally are not at all worried about their annual examinations knocking at the door. 'Let Go' is the best aptitude our children have when it comes to dropping the studies and enjoy the annual picnic.

picnic at right side valley

0n 26th of October, school administration organized the annual picnic and made an extravaganza to make it a memorable one. Thanking sir Principal and the staff for every tasty dishes for the children and the whole family.

Bounty harvest of potatoes

4 houses rush for harvest

in search of big products


Phobjikha Central School would like to invite sealed Quotations from the authorized suppliers for the following equipment mentioned here. Please Click the "LINK" below to download documents for the further details. <<LINK>>

annual variety show

The annual variety show with the house cultural dances competition was conducted as scheduled on 27th and 28th September. The students and their house masters had a very hectic 3 weeks of practices. We had received a huge crowd of audiences on both the night shows which must have made the cultural committee happy and successful conducts of the program.

Credits of success goes to numerous staff who toiled very hard to make the program not only presentable but also excitingly wonderful shows. Stage decoration coordinate by Mr. Jangchub was something to be noted and it was exquisitely decorated with colourful and unique designs on the stage backdrop. Ticket for the audience was rated at Nu.100 for almost 2 hours or a little more for each night staging different song items.

The only one big challenge for the students and house masters was lack of sufficient costumes and garments that school need to purchase since till now most of the costumes for the dances are being borrowed from other schools like Bajo HSs, Nobding and even from Trongsa Sherubling MSS.

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The tri-dzonkhag meet of the regional sports tournaments for all the ball games was conducted at the end of 3rd week of September from 19th to 21st at Bajo HSS. Our school competed for badminton single and double both boys and girls while other schools like Gaselo, Bajo and Samtengang had volleyball, basketball and football games against Gasa and Punakha dzongkhag secondary schools.

While most of the outdoor balls games were won by Ugyen Academy, only few or 2 trophies of volleyball were bagged by Wangdue Dzonkhag schools. Our badminton girls bagged runners up in final while the boys lost against Ugyen Academy with a small margins. Our four indoor games participants were escorted by instructor Mr. Dawa Tshering Sherpa and there was no lady escort for the team this time.

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Reading week observed

DEAR or Drop Everything and Read, is not so deary with everyone when it comes to reading a book of your best choice too. We Bhutanese are very good facebook reader and we find it very difficult and heavy when we have to catch a book not more than 200 grams.

As usual our school's literary committee organizes reading week in a unique way so as to encourage everyone read some books. The second week of September was observed reading week with various literary competitions like Bookmark designs, posters, story telling, etc. for different levels of academic grades from classes PP - X.

Most of the staff and students seemed interested in reading although our students mostly preferred reading dzongkha version of the materials from the library.

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visit by edn director general

Dasho Kinley Gyeltshen, the present director general of Education visit Wednesday 28th Aug. His visit was scheduled in the afternoon. We were again very lucky to have the 3rd VIP visit within two weeks of span this month. The purpose of his visit with his team of officials from Planning and finance divisions along with the officials from RCSC HR office was to discuss the need assessment of an Account Officer in the school. Almost one and a half hour discussion in the conference hall with our school administration team of school secretaries went very fruitful till the evening. We had organized a dinner with our school staff in the MPH where dasho could pass some important messages with the visions of His Majesty to us. We were once again a very blessed family of Gangtey valley to have such graceful visit by Dasho Director General.

visit by hon'ble speaker of national assembly

On 22nd of Aug.2019 our school was blessed with the visits by VIPs Hon'ble Speaker His Excellency Wangchuk Namgay and in the late afternoon. We had made special preparation a day before the visit by VIPs. With a marchang ceremony led by Principal sir, the program of visit was a grand success which also made the hon'ble speaker very glad to find that we are doing good for the students and nation at large.

His Excellency is from Nyishog Saephu constituency and this is his second visit to the school since last year. His very friendly talks to the staff had inspired all of us to work even harder to nurture the present generation.

visit by dasho dzongda and cdeo

In the morning of the same day 22nd Aug. we had also visit by Dasho dzongda accompanied by Chief DEO for awarding the HM's recognition certificates for the toppers of class VI to VIII of academic session 2018. Dasho was very glad to see that quite a lot of students are very hardworking and competitive. His valuable speech triggered a sense of enthusiam and encouragement for all the students to aim high and achieve higher not only academic but also in other disciplines.


The 10th of August was quite a happy day for most of the students who could also meet proudly with their guardians and parents. The examination committee have organized a half day program to meet with the parents and disseminate some important messages on the Saturday.

Principal reminded parents that they have equal and indispensable role to play towards the educational goals of their children and also cooperate with the school's norms in order to achieve the common goal of society to educate everyone and achieve Gross National Happiness. read more <<EXAMS>>

Exam fever

Not everyone is lucky when it comes to facing exams, yet we try to forget that life is full of examinations. Students in every school is Bhutan do struggle to get pass mark but those who are excited to perform better are always preparing hard and ahead of everyone else. In fact, students are seemed to be more happier to enjoy a month long holidays rather than passing the examinations.

The mid term examinations ended by 29th morning and students left for summer break on the same day afternoon.

Senior - A Division Sports Meet at Gaselo HSS

With a very shying emotions and lots of peer pressure from the spectators - our both senior boys and girls volleyballs have bagged runners up trophies finally on 27th and 28th May 2019. According to other staff and officials of the sports meet our players were appreciated for their well disciplined display of team spirit and vallour of their guts in all the games and extraordinary exhibit of their skills.

A big hats off for the unbeatable badminton teams of both senior boys and girls who won all the games with 5 gold medals and 1 silver. It was as if that the wining medals were destined to be ours this time.

Vice captain's election

ON 4th MAY

Its a normal procedure for the school to elect a vice captain who will preside next year as full fledged school captain. Yet the process of election remains to be fair through electronic voting machine. The Democracy Club In-Charge had organized a presentable poll day election of two vice captains from the a group of 3 girls and 2 boys from class nine on May 4th 2019.

results of the election polled

All the staff and students from classes 7 to 10 were automatically assigned as the registered voters including those five candidates namely:

  • a) Phub Rinchen, b) Dorji Phuntsho, c) Tshering Zam, d) Passang Wangmo and Rinchen Wangmo.
  • Finally elected captains are Rinchen Wangmo and Phub Rinchen from 9C.

Teacher's day

All the students contributed towards making the occasion a grant - full day program. Presenting their warmest gratitude to the teachers, we loved to be residing in the core of their hearts.

Cake baked for respect

We felt overwhelmed to see their gestures and preparation beyond the scope of our imaginations.

senior lebey to inaugurate the occasion.

"To teachers with love", was one of the touching remarks of our beloved students.

Annual Sports day organized on 27th April 2019 as scheduled in school improvement plan.

Without the presence and assistance of expertise like SSI, it was very hectic for the teaching staff to carry out all sports events and activities from Feb. to till date.

Obvious results of the hardships born and dedication put forward by the sports committee members are - a huge success. Our team spirit will keep on burning beyond the age of the sun.

We have kept no stones upturned to explore the talents and strengths of the students who could perform above their velour. They inspired us whispering softly into our ears that - 'we could have done even better.'


Literary committees and In-Charges had conducted a well prepared reading competition for class 4 to 6 students. There were 3 participants from each house comprising of students from both gender. This year Mam Dema organized this program quite in different manner as she introduced some acts in between the readers.

School rimdro

Very efficiently coordinated by Cultural Committee we had a full long day hours of preparation for the annual rimdro. Classes were called off on thursday 4th of April due to a massive preparation works and scheduled for various groups of staff and students.

school rimdro

It takes a great deal of heart bearing and sacrifices for a grand preparation of altar and stage for such program. Everybody could find an opportunity to show how much love and respect what they believe the most. School rimdro was one of the grand programs in which every one was busy like in school picnics.

school rimdro

We had our lams and 'Tshops' from Gangtey shedra headed by a Khempo Truelku who also could shower us with holy blessing(wang) at the end of the rimdro on friday. The monks and the Khempo lebey were very impressed with our effort of preparations and serving them and guests.



YE banking stands for Youths-Ethics and Banking just started a few years back in Thimphu in close grant and association and management of students accounts by BDBL.

Our school has been selected as one of the 10 pilot schools in Bhutan and feeling lucky as informed by Vice Principal(Focal Person).

Our school's focal person in close collaboration with the BDBL manager of Nobding centre had inaugurated the launch of YE banking system for students on 25th March. With a ceremonial preparation on monday 25th it is going to take a week long program for all the staffs and teachers to get acquainted with the system as there are many rules and procedures to follow for proper issuance and records.


This week has been quite an exciting week for children who have been contributing a lot to make the school campus clean. Collecting lots of wastes as initiated by waste management club coordinated by Mr. Jangchub. The first big surprise and promising remark accorded for the children is that they are appreciated and reinforced with dummy bank notes which will be converted into real bank accounts at the rate of Nu.16/1000 dummy note amount. Several students received huge dummy notes to mark this week as kick off for YE banking system for any activity toppers in the academic session 2019. All Staffs were also provided with teach and snacks for this morning short inauguration program called 'Global Money Week'.



The same day we observed global money week on monday 25th, principal announced the visit of our Chief DEO Mr. Pem Dorji and his assistant visitor Mr. Shankhar Dahal(Bajo HSS Principal) a few days before his visit. We had a short tea session with DEO sir and a photo session with the staffs.

The purpose of his visit was to observe the SIP program on going as per the Dzongkhag calendar and of course we are also very lucky to have him in inauguration of the new ECCD classroom. The parents and instructors of ECCD had prepared a grant inauguration program with tea, snacks and lunch for all the staffs.

All the teachers and support staffs thanked the ECCD teachers and parents for such a gesture and organization of the program

japanese language training

First time ever in the history of our school, we were lucky to receive an group of volunteers who taught a few lessons on Japanese language training especially simple communicable words, terms in written as well as spoken. Children were happy and excited to know Japanese scripts and many were even able to write their name i Japanese words or letters.

The Coordinator of Integrity club helped them to run the program in the MPH after school hours and this was an adhoc program which otherwise slightly disturbed the pre-scheduled program - that is indoor table tennis and badminton house tournaments and school team selection.

parent teacher meeting

The first parent teacher meeting for this year was scheduled on Saturday 9th of March as per the school academic calendar. Our teachers and support staffs had efficiently prepared for the parent teacher meetings in the multipurpose hall making sure all the guardians and parents find it very comfortable to participate in the meeting.

The 3 hours meeting ended successfully and parents have many take home information and advice which they can mind over to cooperate an work towards fulfillment of school's vision and mission.

Chief guest and other guests

Cultural Items staged by students

HM's b-day program in basketball court.

New Staffs Welcoming with Promotion Khadar Ceremony

"Coming together is beginning, living together is progress and working together is Success" - by anonymous.

Our outrageous moment of excitement in the cold snowy morning of Phobjikha has something to share to all the family members of the school. We all were gathered in the MPH for welcoming new teachers and support staffs along with the khadar ceremony of grade promoted staffs at 9:00 am. on 18th of Feb.2019. One of the guest of honour present was the proprietor of Gakiling Hotel - a well known SMB member of our school's SMB board. The two hours long program concluded with a humble lunch for all the staffs.

Introducing Staffs & Their Roles to Students

It has been very necessary for the school to make the staffs' acquaintance to the students so that from the beginning of the academic session we can work together towards achieving our common goals. The SMB team lead by Principal himself have introduced each and every teacher and support staff and their designated roles in various academic and co-curricular activities so that any student who wish to work closely can identify staff. The briefing of the school policy and rules that students should follow are to be briefed tomorrow by the staff secretaries.

In the afternoon, the school administration briefed all the staffs about the roles and responsibilities of the ESP and GSP staffs which was a short program for about 2 hours.

Visit by Hon. NA Speaker

All the staff and students were so glad to have the 1st visit of Honourable Speaker of National Assembly on 13th of February at 8:30 a.m. His Excellency on addressing his intention of the adhoc visit yesterday also inspired us with a few tips of success that we can always achieve. He said that nothing is impossible and to keep working hard constantly so that any one of us one day would be bestowed with so much of success and power to serve Tsa-Wa-Sum with higher ranks and prestigious position. His excellency's short visit was very fruitful and he was very happy with our gestures and even though the preparations were less trendy. He wished to have a second visit this year with more duration of stay with dinner and rapports that he wants to have with us in near future.

PP's Welcoming

We were also equally happy to welcome class PP's 27 children to the school on 14th of Feb. As usual the Trashi-Khadar ceremony would suffice them of our gestures of warm welcome in the presence of their beloved parents.

With lots of dreams and hopes that are clearly observable on the faces of the parents, their intense prayers and dreams would surely make us feel that now, its our sole responsibility to shape and nurture them as second parents.

The so innocent children of today are going to be sole hope and bread earner and citizens of tha-damchi- and ley-zhung-dre to the unlimited student lives ahead of them.

Admission Opens

For the academic year 2019 we hoped that school would receive as many boarder students due to the attraction by new hostel infra-structures and very good promising results of the graduating BCSE candidates of 2018. The admission for various grades coming from feeder schools are admitted in classes 4, 7 and 9 as usual.

School Reopens

Amid of very cold but half brightly glittered snowy valleys of Phobjikha, a group of very strongly aspiring Principal and teaching and supporting staffs of our school, once again treading back to school on 1st of Feb.2019.

Nothing much visible sign of happiness we can see on the faces of the staffs since the water supply is cut off due to harse winter cold and snowfall, but we are much happier when we saw that our BCSE results have been best in the dzongkhag like in the past.


Result Day - The final day on school for 2018

Quite obviously we expected some meager thickness of snowfall on the earlier day as it started getting colder towards the end of this academic year. It was a big surprise too to see a blanket of snowfall wishing a very good and warm morning for the much awaited results day for the students.

The examinations committees had their last role to play and it wasn't much good news for the as few as 29 students who failed to make to their higher classes. A huge crowd of parents gathered in MPH despite of unfavourable weather conditions - but i believe for some of them it was a 'Blessed Snowy Day' today.

As the toppers were awarded a set of very attractive prizes, most of the students who turned up to receive their results also have some take away happiness with them as observed through their gestures.

Finally, principal sir reminded parents and students to take note of when to report and how to keep themselves safe and well disciplined during winter break.

Farewell to Staff and 17th Dec. Celebration

Staff Farewell

Five of the teaching and supporting staffs were confirmed about their transfer this year and the school administration regrets to have in loss of the group of very hard working, experienced and dedicating staff. While six more staff are still waiting for their confirmations. To have a long remembrances of these colleagues, we had a grant farewell party and each of them were wished and some token of gifts for appreciation of their fathomless contributions to the school.

17th Dec. butterlamp Offerings.

To make the celebration short and sweet, all the staffs gathered in the MPH for offering prayers of best wishes to the nation and Tsha-Wa-sum with the 108+ butter lamps. On the same day the Principal and staffs were very happy to complete IWP evaluations.

New Captains

For the interest of the graduating batch(Class X) captains who have been shouldering their full and dedicated roles and responsibilities since a last year August, the school administration, staffs and the students are pleased to nominated and announce the names of new batch of captains.

New Principal

Our delights knew no bound as all the staffs and students have the opportunity to welcome our new Principal on this day. We had almost a day long welcoming programs such as, Chhibdrel, tea, dinner with staff.

Mid Term Toppers

The school examination committee has done a good job of preparing and organizing the mid-term results declaration day in the second week of August 2018.

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Annual Cultural Show

As expected, we had our annual cultural Nite on 5th and 6th of October grandly organized. Along with the house-wise competitions of five items, the primary children and ECCD toddlers too contribute few items that make up almost 46 items in all for the two days shows.

We received huge audience while the hall ticket for adult costs Nu. 100 per head. Overall the program was very interesting as we know that children love to perform better on stage musics than any other activities of the school.

Clips above are from Annual variety shows.

Visit by Honourable National Council Speaker.

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Annual Award Day

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Graduating Xs Farewell dinner

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