Visit by Honourable National Council Speaker.

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Grand School Picnic celebration

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Annual Award Day

for year 2018

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Graduating Xs Farewell dinner

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Annual Cultural Show

As expected, we had our annual cultural Nite on 5th and 6th of October grandly organized. Along with the house-wise competitions of five items, the primary children and ECCD toddlers too contribute few items that make up almost 46 items in all for the two days shows.

We received huge audience while the hall ticket for adult costs Nu. 100 per head. Overall the program was very interesting as we know that children love to perform better on stage musics than any other activities of the school.

Clips from Annual Variety Shows

New Captains

For the interest of the graduating batch(Class X) captains who have been shouldering their full and dedicated roles and responsibilities since a last year August, the school administration, staffs and the students are pleased to nominated and announce the names of new batch of captains.

New Principal

Our delights knew no bound as all the staffs and students have the opportunity to welcome our new Principal on this day. We had almost a day long welcoming programs such as, Chhibdrel, tea, dinner with staff.

Mid Term Toppers

The school examination committee has done a good job of preparing and organizing the mid-term results declaration day in the second week of August 2018.

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