Fare-Thee-Well Principal

Post date: Mar 24, 2018 6:50:39 AM

Principal's last meeting with staff with handing over the school's administrative roles to Vice Principal.

To sir with love, we never expected and believed that ever, happier moments of being and working together with you would come to an end which could make us literally cry and feel that - 'there is no god for us' and it is also not even fair when your so jovial family - mam Chanda and your lovely children have to say good bye to their close friends. .

There was an outpouring of praise and gratitude for you sir from everyone of us here, but even so, words could not encapsulate the successes and positive change you brought to the school in the last seven years of your service.

From the very core of our hearts we haven't forgotten a single moment where we all tried our best to make this school into what it stands now but it was impossible without your most inspiring words, strong supports, energizing enthusiasm and bold leadership. For the most deary and fatherly affection you had showered into the hearts of countless students and teachers, there is no way you can forget those innocent and heart bleeding faces you had last seen on the cruel dusk of 28th Feb 2018, who waved and gazed on you stnading in the long lines of possession near the school gate.

you have left this very cold place after transforming it into the most enterprising and promising institute of hopes and inspiration to all of us, but the warmth of your care and support will go on and on keeping us warmer and closer to the inner burning candle of glorious fame we escalated together for the last seven years in Phobjikha.

Never will there be a word like 'last moment' to convey how much we missed and love you for a while the vivid memoirs continuous to reverberate in our heart for the rest of our lives. May almighty be always supporting your dreams and keep your family at best of their health and happy.

Thanking and wishing you - 'all the best' at your sweet home town school.