Mid Term Exam Uncovers

Post date: Jun 24, 2017 6:10:43 AM

Our mid term examinations this year has started quite as early as on 15th of June and everything is gong on in more systematic manner unlike the past years. The primary classes PP to Three had their papers from 15th to 17th June before the exams. for secondary classes began.

The school administration express deep appreciation to support staff for the smooth and efficient printing and binding of question papers while the subject teachers were instantly relieved from the such monotonous job. Despite of the frequent and unpredictable power failures, they have been constantly involved in making the exams go smoothly as scheduled.

Unlike in the past year when every subject teacher used to get atleast a minimum of 6 invigilation duties. This year we have an average of only 3 duties in all, the secret of this arrangement and the examination coordination goes to the initiative of Mr. Krishna B. Thingh who is a newly transferred teacher from Lhuentse. Thanks to his intellectual effort to make the exams as well as invigilation timetables so concise to accommodate the time and space and we all recommend that such practices are always welcomed into our school culture for the benefit of all.