Monthly Test Toppers awarded Certificate

Post date: Sep 19, 2017 6:32:30 AM

Unlike in the past when we didn't have the system of conducting monthly test with awarding certificates for the merit wise toppers of individual class and sections, this year we have a policy in place to motivated the students who consistently perform well in the monthly tests.

This system has kept the spirit of performance of most the students in good track of improvement for some of the constantly hardworking children. Yet, we observed that due to the vigorous involvement of children in the cultural show practices, most of them could not do well in the last test conducted in Sept. first week.

The award of merit certificates was for those students whose rank revolve within the top three ranks(1st, 2nd and 3rd) in the last three months' tests. However, the one important criterion - 'that a student need to pass in all the subjects' for the tests is not taken seriously for the merit wise ranking of the three toppers and only total of all the subjects was taken for ranking.

The school administration would further be hoping and encouraging all the students to do better and rewards will be no less than what they have already received so far.