PCS Celebrates Diwali

Post date: Oct 21, 2017 4:16:08 AM

In the eve of this year's Dipawali celebration in the school, we had a different version of the celebration unlike the Hindus celebrates at home with relatives and friends of the community. With the suggestion of our Principal we had a quite grand family tea and drinks party with Selroti organized by Lhotsham staff.

On the dipawali evening, all the students were served with dipawali ,pooja prasad' which is called 'Tsho' in dzongkha. Right after the 7th period students gathered in the MPH to celebrate and enjoy the pooja prasad. This was followed by the celebration share for all the staff and their family being invited for also the drink session in the evening till early night 10 pm.

The Lhotsham staff lead by Principcal sir himself had been busily preparing for the diwali for the whole school since 17th Oct.2017 while the main diawali session was on 19th Oct. 2017. We had a short but enjoyable party with drinks, selroti and delicious delicious dishes for arround 90 members of the school staff and family together.

Since right after the night's celebration at MPH, the Lhotsham staff will have to go to respective home to welcome and entertain the Bhaileni and Dewsi groups of guests we had to end the session as early as 10 pm. We received very impressive remarks on the conduct and organization of the program from the guests and finally all of us departed for home not very late on the night.