Sherig Lyonpo's Visit

Post date: Sep 12, 2016 4:15:20 AM

On the 9th Of August 2016, we had a very gracious day as our Honourable Sherig Lyonpo Mr. Norbu Wangchuk made an official visit in our school. We were very much charmed and thrilled by his inspiring talk in the MPH to the whole school family. His message of 'Trying the Best and never to give up' in everything we do to achieve higher goals was tremendously overwhelming. He showed his own example of how he could juggle 3 tennis balls whilst he started with just two balls in the beginning and after not more than two months since he started practicing juggling the 3 balls efficiently. By this example he wants to prove and show to all the students and teachers in Bhutan that nothing is impossible if we keep on trying with positive attitude and hard work.

He expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the development of the school since it's establishment in the year 2011. After a healthy and delicious lunch with us, he left for Thimphu at 2.10pm with a very glad and smiling notes to encourage us to do even better henceforth.

While Principal also expressed his happy notes for the staff and students for excellent preparation of the lyonpo's visit in his absence, we are further motivated and we now can say boldly that we are prepared ahead for anything to come on our way if we all stay united for a good cause.