School Agriculture Program

Students working in Greenhouse


Mr. Dorji, SAP Coordinator

Brief on SAP

SAP-School Agriculture Program has been introduced in almost all the schools in Bhutan. Phobjikha MSS under WangdueDzongkhag also started SAP in 2013.Today, this club stands as one of the most positive clubs with 30 members and FAT along with SAP committee members. Students acquire by deed. They learn to respect dignity of labour and also value community service,”


Ø Impart basic knowledge and skills of agriculture sciences demonstrating that farming is a viable enterprise.

Ø Produce fresh vegetables to supplement nutrition in school feeding programme.

Ø Create awareness about the self-employment opportunities

Varities of Products

The SAP area includes a vegetable garden for the members to learn how to grow varieties of vegetables. The SAP covers the school agriculture house garden.

The school has a dairy farm of piggery. The SAP club members work every Wednesday and Saturday and other days of the week subjected to the needs and demands of the work.

The SAP committee member plays a greater role in creating responsiveness and providing opportunities in Agriculture, plan the house agriculture activities as per the SAP action plan. They assist house parents in providing technical and other necessary support like seeds, manure and the methods of plantation and growing crops. The organic method of growing vegetables is practiced.