Leave Policy

Staff Leave Policy

Leave must not be claimed as a matter of right. All the leave shall be as per BCSR 2010 chapter 10.

Each staff is eligible for following types of leave.

(i) Casual Leave;

(ii) Earned Leave;

(iii) Bereavement Leave;

(iv) Maternity Leave;

(v) Paternity Leave;

(vi) Medical Leave;

(vii) Study Leave; and

(viii) Extraordinary Leave

  • Attendance register has to be signed by all staff before 8:40 am in the morning and before leaving the school.
  • In case the staffs are not able to attend the duty, he/she should to fill in the form and get the leave sanctioned by Principal or make a call to the principal in-case of emergency.
  • No two and more teachers can avail leave at the same time except on emergency.
  • 2 periods or one and half hour shall be granted for attending child’s clinic or visiting BHU in case of illness.
  • Time beyond this will be treated as casual leave
  • Staff can take half day CL on Saturday or any working days
  • CL can be affixed, suffixed or sandwiched with government holiday or Sunday.